To address Network call drops & heating problems Reliance Jio sets up India's first camouflaged 4G mobile tower

Showing its greener side, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio Infocomm has installed the country's first camouflaged 4G mobile tower in the steel city here. 

The 35-metre tower, a first of its kind in the country in the shape of a palm tree, was set up near the Centre for Excellence here, said Prabhat Sinha, Jharkhand State Mentor of Reliance Jio Infocomm today. 

The specially-designed imported artificial structure was established on a trial basis, he said. 

Sinha said that unlike ordinary towers, which may heat up due to low signal, the camouflaged one won't have any such issue. Besides, it can address the problem of call drops. 

Sinha said the trend of setting up camouflaged mobile towers would also help generate domestic jobs. 

"Currently, we have palm- and pine-tree shaped towers, but it can be given the shape of any other tree including mango or some other structure to match the greenery of the area," he explained. 

On the plan for commercial launch, he said the company had almost completed the Optical Fibre Cable network, but is facing some issues in setting up the towers. 

However, it's working hard to launch the services within the next few months, he pointed out. 



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