Jio Chat transmits users' data in unsecured form to servers located in China.-Reports

While the world was still busy analyzing Reliance Jio Infocomm's aggressive 4G plans in India, a group of hackers were busy finding flaws in the company's messaging app Jio Chat and claimed that the app transmits users' data in unsecured form to servers located in China.

As per a PTI report, AnonOpsIndia, a twitter account claiming to represent a group of hackers, had said, "We took apart Reliance Jio app & found they are using Chinese geolocation mapping service. It shows that Reliance is using a geolocation which is China-based service." The group further tweeted, "There is no encryption between the person using Jio chat app and Chinese company amap. Hence, it makes it lot easier for the Chinese hackers to snoop over your data."

Reliance Jio Infocomm (RJIL), however, termed it "unfounded and malicious allegations against Jio Chat App" and said "'Anonymous' posters often raise false alarms by quoting items such as this out of context."

The company further explained that since China does not support Google Maps (or for that matter, any Google applications, therefore, for location based services within China, a Chinese-based mapping service is required. "This is a common practice for any app wishing to provide location-based services within China. However, when used Globally, Jio Chat (outside of China) always uses Google Maps. (This can be checked by anyone by using Jio Chat Location Sharing function)," RJIL told PTI



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