RJio Is ready to launch 4G service with 900 Jio center

Reliance Industries which is getting ready to launch its disgustingly-delayed 4G services has almost completed setting up of its regional offices across the country. The regional centers are Jio’s local operational hubs and are called Jio Centers and the company has a plan to set up 900 such centers across the country. As per the 11th AGM held by the company last month, Reliance Jio services will be available in 880 cities by end of this year. So, the company has planned a Jio Center for each city.
According to a source 650-700 Jio Centers have already been handed over to RIL by various vendors by August. Another 100 to 150 will  be ready by Mid September, so all the cities where RIL is planning to offer 4G services will have an operational Jio Center when it launches the service.
A Reliance ‘Jio Center’ or ‘JC’ will be managed by a Jio Center Manager or JCM, and each JC would house around 30 to 40 people. The JC will act as the hub for Jio’s entire business for that city. It will have display space for devices, experience zones for services and applications, customer care executives, billing and customer acquisition. The Jio Center will also have two meeting rooms, one for the internal meeting for the local staff, and another video conferencing room for them to connect to their headquarter and other JCs.
Besides this, in some Jio Centers, the company is setting up its contact centers as well. The contact centers will be the company’s local call centers. Unlike the traditional contact center set up, where the customer care representatives sit remotely and the consumer does not have any idea whom and where they are talking to, a Jio Contact center staff would be placed locally. It is aimed at offering customer care solutions in an effective and more personalized manner. A Jio Center that also houses a contact center will have around 20 more staff for the call center. Big and high ARPU states like Maharashtra will have around 100 such Jio Centers.
The JCMs or ‘Mr. Reliance’ are hired from various backgrounds like ex-defence, retail, auto, tyre, FMCG etc where the candidate has prior experience of leading a team of not less than 70 people. The Jio Center Manager or JCM will be the in the charge of overall growth of that center as per target.

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