10 Reasons Why We WAIT for Reliance Jio 4G launch !!

The stage is set for the intense battle after RJio rolls out its 4G services this December. Though the country’s top operator Bharti Airtel is leaving no stone unturned for the fierce battle, from buying of stake in OneWeb and Augere Wireless to strengthen its 4G foothold to expediting 4G LTE trials in different parts of the country, but there are certain reasons which put RJio in a sweet spot.

Here are some reasons which put RJio in a sweet spot.
  1.  RJio is expanding its wireless footprint to cover nearly 80% of India’s population by the end of this year. The roadmap is to have 100% national coverage within the next three years. It is using the deep fibre network also to ramp-up Fibre-to-the-Home deployment. By April next year, it would have connected over 1 million homes via fibre with a capability of rapidly scaling up in the top 50 cities of India.
  2.  RJio is the first 4G broadband wireless operator to achieve wireless coverage far in excess of the rollout obligation as per its license conditions.
  3.  It is present in all the 29 states of India, with a direct physical presence in nearly 18,000 cities and towns.
  4.  Jio has also deployed a network of nearly 250,000 route kilometres of fibre optics, thereby creating a future-proof digital backbone across India.
  5.  The company is connecting Enterprises, SMB, and SME customers over this high speed IP network, enabling advanced services using cloud based solutions.
  6.  RJio has created a multi-Terabit capacity international network. More than half of Internet traffic served by Jio will be carried end-to-end on Jio’s own network.
  7.  It is rolling out IP Next-Generation, wireless broadband infrastructure across all the 29 states in India and this will be amongst the best in the world.
  8.  Reliance Jio will be setting up a new nationwide distribution network that will enable over a 150,000 small electronic retailers to sell and service smartphones and internet devices.
  9. The company is also working with device manufacturers, encouraging them to make in India smartphones and internet devices at an affordable price.
  10. It is creating a Jio Digital India start-up Fund and entrepreneur ship hubs in key cities and towns.

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